A Lannister who doesn’t pay it’s debt!

It’s not a crisis until the majority of of the population feels its a crisis. Three things have been constantly going up in 2020 1-  Wuhan virus patients 2- the stock markets  3-  Sovereign debts of countries Well, the second thing is something to be cheerful about, but first and the third one are definitely … Continue reading A Lannister who doesn’t pay it’s debt!

Blooming Romance of The Pacific

October 10, is celebrated as "National Day" in the island "Country" of Taiwan. Usually for us Indians, apart from US independence day, we aren't really concerned with foundation/independence day of any country other than India. But 2020, was special, ( as if it isn't already). With sudden rise in national pride and oppressive mentality, the … Continue reading Blooming Romance of The Pacific

Part – 2 (Continuation)

Hello! As I had mentioned in the previous introductory post, without wasting much of the readers time lets jump straight to the topic at hand - "Competitive exams". Well, to be honest except few course centric exams - JEE,NEET,GATE,DUET- usually most of the other exams follow a fix assembly line pattern. Their structure basically involves … Continue reading Part – 2 (Continuation)