The Dilemmatic Indian

In the rest of the world, its planning first and later execution for urbanization, in our country we execute first, and once the existing infrastructure is stretched to its limits we began the planing process. If it needs to be explained in a simpler manner, imagine a plain barren ground at the boundary of the … Continue reading The Dilemmatic Indian

Propaganda wins

Note - This was originally written in February 2019. Propaganda wins. It doesn't matter whether its an election, a war or a college romance their fate is decided by something called propaganda. A charismatic person at helm spreading messages and ideas always attracts the lot and impacts their decision and mentally hijacked people start dancing … Continue reading Propaganda wins

Part – 2 (Continuation)

Hello! As I had mentioned in the previous introductory post, without wasting much of the readers time lets jump straight to the topic at hand - "Competitive exams". Well, to be honest except few course centric exams - JEE,NEET,GATE,DUET- usually most of the other exams follow a fix assembly line pattern. Their structure basically involves … Continue reading Part – 2 (Continuation)

Temporary relief, permanent burden-story of farm loan waivers in India

Amanjeet and Amarjeet were two farmers who took a loan from nearby branch of their state co-operative bank, for sowing. Year later after the harvest Amanjeet repaid it with full interest, where Amarjeet waited and waited evading the fiery notices of the bank to sell the mortgaged. And yeah finally his patience beared fruit, it … Continue reading Temporary relief, permanent burden-story of farm loan waivers in India